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You'd never guess how environmentally friendly PC sheets are!

You'd never guess how environmentally friendly PC sheets are!

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The design of modern architecture is increasingly focused on environmental protection, green and sustainability, and on the ecological function of materials. Starting from the ecological concept, new high-tech architectural spaces are shaped, ecological concepts and ecological spirit are carried through in the design, and materials and space are combined through technology. The most obvious of these is the envelope structure, which not only divides the space but also serves as a medium for energy exchange between inside and outside the building. The concept of ecological protection is ultimately reflected in the heating and cooling design of the envelope structure and the use of solar energy.

The thermal conductivity of PC plate is very low, multi-layer plate also has hollow structure, its thermal insulation is far better than other solid building materials and even hollow glass. The use of PC sheet can reduce heating and cooling costs and improve energy efficiency, so PC sheet is a kind of energy saving and environmental protection materials.

PC wave tile

Building examples

Located in the German Industrial Park in Kunshan, the German-Chinese Green Incubation Centre is a green factory building project built in accordance with German energy-saving standards and simulated according to local climate conditions.

The roofing of the Wuhan Railway Station is made of alternating aluminum and UV-protected, creamy white multi-layered PC panels with a light transmission rate of 20-25%. Despite the fact that the area of the roofing light band is more than 24%, the comprehensive energy consumption calculation result of the overall envelope structure is still in line with the requirements of the Energy Conservation Standards for Public Buildings, in which the energy-saving thermal insulation properties of PC multi-layer panels play an important contribution.

Underground garage Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet roof

Environmental Principles

The Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet is the most widely used PC sheet. Through a special process, it can effectively block the heat energy brought by infrared radiation and achieve the effect of heat insulation, and its performance is more stable and outstanding compared with similar products in the market. In the season of low temperature, through its hollow structure, the Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet can reduce the heat emitted to the outside, so as to maintain the temperature and achieve energy-saving effect, compared with the same thickness of the traditional panels, energy savings of up to 50%. The result is a pleasant and comfortable indoor climate in all seasons.

Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet carport

In addition, according to the production process, the energy requirement for the production of 1 kilogram of solar panels is 116 joules, with a total release of 6.3 kilograms of carbon dioxide; the production of 1 kilogram of glass consumes approximately 0.41 kilograms of standard coal, which is equivalent to 12.015 joules of heat, with a total release of 1.137 kilograms of carbon dioxide. Although the overall energy consumption and CO2 emissions of producing 1 kilogram of PC sheet are higher than producing 1 kilogram of glass, the low density of PC sheet and the hollow structure of the multilayer, with a mass of only 2.5 kilograms per square meter, make the overall energy consumption and CO2 emissions of producing each square meter of PC multilayer lower. On the whole, the production of 3 layers of 16㎜ PC sheet per square meter is 20% energy saving and 54% carbon dioxide emission reduction compared with the production of 6㎜ thick double glazing per square meter.

Interior partition of endurance panel

The advantages of PC sheets are even greater when the energy consumption during their use is also taken into account. Therefore, from an environmental and ecological point of view, PC sheets are more sustainable and environmentally friendly, making a positive contribution to climate protection.

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