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Yakeli board identification method of fire method, thickness measurement method and transmission method

by:UNQ     2020-10-17
1320 although the yakeli board with polycarbonate sheet, still have certain difference between the sheet on the quality of appraisal methods there are similarities, acrylic plate identification can also like the polycarbonate sheet, burn, thickness, to distinguish the transmission of light, etc. First use of fire way to identify the quality of the acrylic sheet, to realize due to the particularity of the material used, good quality acrylic is not flammable. If as with other materials as long as one can know, burning inferior yakeli board is easy to ignite. Secondly, observe various rubber edge, generally good acrylic factory has soft rubber edge. But there are some yakeli board can be made from recycled material, so it's a hard rubber edge. Good with the bad yakeli board is different in thickness, good yakeli board thickness is in conformity with the standards, plank with poor because jerry nature make certain thickness. About acrylic some performance, such as the transmission of light and brittleness, good acrylic high light is a very pure white, not yellow or blue. But they were not sure of inferior materials, give light at first glance is very cloudy. Because quality is not qualified acrylic is brittle, so can not stand, sun and forces will soon fade, lose their original luster or rupture. High quality acrylic board is different, has the good performance can absorb a certain amount of force and the illuminate of sunshine, this is the material we need. In order to avoid to inferior yakeli board of choose and buy, try to come and make a decision after simple identification, in order to avoid plate cannot be used properly, causing a greater loss.
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