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Wuxi sun board industry is currently in development stage

by:UNQ     2020-10-27
1999 the development of science and technology while the rest is becoming more and more closely the actual life, industry, agriculture benefit, sunshine plate used in the industry is proof of that. Why do you say that? We can voice their opinions, talk about their own ideas. In agriculture, for example, which is closely linked with the people's life by plastic greenhouses skeleton materials and special structures of greenhouse has been replaced by polycarbonate sheet build greenhouses, greenhouse building materials become the ideal of a peasant. Compared with the traditional of greenhouse, daylighting effect not only has improved than before, with good heat preservation sex and sound insulation effect, build the agricultural use of greenhouse construction, also can build some scientific research greenhouse to meet this need, such as flowers, green plant research. If no data shows that we can hardly imagine the board's popularity, according to incomplete statistics, the board that now sales volume has reached billions of square meters a year, but also continue to keep it at a rate of twenty percent a year to rise. Wuxi sun plate also from the initial manufacturing development until now, has experienced several times of innovation now plate impact resistant ability has had the very big promotion, environmental protection and energy saving can be achieved using standard.
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