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Wuxi share the sunshine board the experience to the healthy development of the industry

by:UNQ     2020-10-29
2014 as a professional engaged in green building materials production-oriented enterprises, the sunshine board, endurance plate are wuxi board industry co. , LTD. The main products, after years of production and sales of the products, the company is the sunshine board industry's healthy development to draw some experience and share with everyone here. First from the point of the environment, to get a long-term polycarbonate sheet industry healthy development, must comply with the policy orientation of national and industry guidance. As in violation of the objective law, blind investment achievements, image engineering should be fundamentally eliminate, this defect may sunshine board did not appear. From the point of the current market, the sunshine board application in agricultural greenhouse potential is unlimited, it will be directly related to the development of agriculture. So to formulate relevant laws and regulations, especially the corresponding testing standards and methods, put an end to shoddy sunshine board phenomenon appeared in the market. , of course, we also should strengthen the consciousness of the user, on the basis of the popularization of industry knowledge to sunshine board supervision functions, so as to pull from various angles to ensure sun plate products in the market generally orderly development, setting up enterprise good word of mouth.
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