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Without professional equipment, you can tell if the Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet are with or without UV!

Without professional equipment, you can tell if the Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet are with or without UV!

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    The scientific name of sun panel is polycarbonate hollow sheet, commonly known as Capron. As a new type of daylighting material, due to its light weight, impact resistance, anti-aging, flame retardant and other excellent performance, is gradually in the construction, construction, construction, construction, construction, construction, construction, construction, construction, construction, construction, and other excellent performance. It is widely used in decorative gardening and other industries. However, as a new material, the domestic testing means are not very complete. Consumers can only choose from the manufacturer's advertising, publicity and sample, based on intuition. So, is there a reliable and easy-to-use method to identify the quality of the sun panel?


Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet


    First of all, the surface of qualified products must be flat and the vertical ribs should be perpendicular to the board surface. Otherwise, it means that the internal stress of the product is not completely eliminated, which will directly affect the use of the product performance.


    Observed from the section, polycarbonate in the sun should be light blue, if other colors indicate that the raw material by adding recycled material or filler material, so that will affect the strength and service life of the plate material, some plates in the outdoors, after a year of use to make the phenomenon of fracture is due to the poor quality of raw materials caused by.

Sun panel curtain wall system


    The easiest way to identify the strength of the panels is to squeeze the cross-section by hand. Low-strength products have soft ribs and are prone to irreversible deformation; these panels have large deflection and are subject to large deformation after being subjected to external forces, thus their ability to withstand loads is low.

Weight of the product

    The weight of the plate is also an important factor in identifying the quality of the sun panel, the price of the plate, the performance of its weight is positively correlated. Some manufacturers in order to reduce costs, often from the amount of raw materials to do something, so that the weight of the product and the weight of its promotional materials on the label. Inconsistency, many users are not aware of this, and even when they are aware of it, they judge only by the density of the ribs, which tends to make it easier to In fact, the safest way is to actually weigh them.

Solar Panel Facade System

UV protection

    The key to the life of the plate lies in whether the anti-UV treatment, anti-UV treatment points thermal coating and co-extruded composite two, co-extruded composite is currently the most advanced technology, the thickness of the co-extruded layer should generally be more than 50μm, but the domestic quantitative testing, but we can use the common check light to qualitative testing, the specific method is to put a hundred dollar bill or invoice directly on the check light, this time there will be fluorescence, with the sunlight plate sample to block the ultraviolet rays, such as fluorescence disappears, then the sample does not penetrate the ultraviolet rays, such as there is fluorescence that the sample has not made the anti-UV treatment, or the coating is too thin.

Test report

    After observing the other five aspects should also pay attention to whether the chosen product has a national authority or whether the test report is complete, the general manufacturer should provide light transmission, intensity, and

Sun panel partition


    In the international market, the specifications and varieties of sun panels are classified very fine. Not only the thickness, width and length of the product is more types, and the surface treatment methods also have single-sided treatment, double-sided treatment, surface gold plating, and surface treatment. Silver plating, surface hardening, surface anti-condensation, etc., and its vertical ribs can be divided into double-layer, triple-layer, square hole, rectangular hole, and rectangular hole. Triangular holes, honeycomb and many other kinds. Although, at present, the domestic industry standard is gradually standardized, the majority of consumers have a more convenient way to identify the quality of the product quality of the basis, but these qualitative ways of identification are still of great practical value.


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