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With so many types of greenhouses, what are they all costing?

With so many types of greenhouses, what are they all costing?

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Nowadays, agricultural production has become more and more inseparable from greenhouses. Greenhouses can not only withstand natural disasters, drought and flood, but also plant early or postponed cultivation, prolong the growth period of crops, and achieve the goals of early maturity, late maturity, and stable yield increase, which is very popular among farmers. However, with the continuous innovation and upgrading of technology, greenhouses are becoming more and more abundant, and the costs are not the same. This makes it difficult for many growers to build greenhouses: what kind of greenhouse should I build?

As the saying goes, "If you know yourself and your enemy, you can never be in danger." The following is an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of various types of greenhouses.


The main types of greenhouse construction include:

Solar greenhouses, single-span greenhouse, multi-span arched-roof greenhouse, and multi-span venlo roof greenhouses


Solar greenhouses


At present, solar greenhouses are mainly divided into two types: earth-walled solar greenhouses and brick-walled solar greenhouses.


Earth-walled solar greenhouses.

This type of greenhouse is ideal for growing high-value vegetables and other crops out of season. The cost of the non-all-steel frame is lower.

The advantage of this kind of solar greenhouse is that the cost of the greenhouse is lower. In winter, greenhouse has better heat preservation and heat storage effect, and the later use and maintenance cost is lower.


Brick Wall Solar Greenhouses.

These greenhouses are suitable for cultivation of vegetables, edible mushrooms, flowers, fruit trees and so on.

The brick-walled solar greenhouse has a higher utilization rate of land and is more applicable to the region, especially suitable for areas with complicated geology, low water table and where it is impossible to build earth walls.



Single-span greenhouse


The single-span greenhouse is mainly divided into three types: cement column greenhouse, steel pipe greenhouse, new high temperature greenhouse.


Among them, the cement column and steel pipe greenhouse belong to the low-temperature greenhouse, which is suitable for spring and autumn production; the new high-temperature greenhouse, due to the addition of thermal insulation measures such as cotton quilts, the internal heat storage effect of the greenhouse is better, which can meet the needs of low-temperature crop winter production.


Concrete column greenhouse.

This kind of greenhouse is suitable for spring and autumn cultivation of vegetables, flowers and other cash crops. It is flexible in land use, and a greenhouse can be built on a small plot of land.

It is less resistant to wind and snow due to its simpler skeleton structure; the interior with columns also affects the internal operating space.


Steel pipe greenhouse.

This steel pipe greenhouse has a low cost, high structural strength with an overall skeleton, and high land utilization.


New high temperature greenhouse.

This new type of high-temperature greenhouse has large internal space, simple maintenance and convenient operation, and certain heat preservation effect in winter, so it can carry out four-season production.


In summary, it can be seen: this type of greenhouse has the advantages of low cost, high land utilization rate and easy management. Suitable for spring and autumn vegetables, fruits, flowers, edible mushrooms and other crops cultivation; high-temperature greenhouse can also be used for such as carnivorous plants, flowers and so on, overwintering protection of high value-added crops.


Multi-span arched-roof greenhouse


The multi-span arched-roof greenhouse is built on the basis of single-span greenhouse and is generally divided into simple type and high-end type.


Multi-span arched-roof greenhouses are currently mainly used in breeding and nursery, flower production, aquaculture, medicinal herbs, edible fungus cultivation, etc.


Simple type greenhouse.

This kind of greenhouse is suitable for the cultivation and use of high-value vegetables, flowers, herbs, edible fungi, etc. in spring and autumn. The internal space is large, suitable for large-scale factory operation with high land utilization rate.


High-end type greenhouse.

The cost of this type greenhouse is suitable for stereoscopic cultivation, flower breeding, aquatic nursery, seedling nursery, scientific research and other industries. Overcome the summer cooling and winter insulation, especially with the addition of double film, it can effectively improve the winter greenhouse insulation effect, reduce the winter running costs.


Multi-span venlo roof greenhouses


The Venlo greenhouse was introduced from the Netherlands and was originally used for the cultivation of high-value crops such as flowers.


The covering material can be glass, or polycarbonate hollow sheet


Glass covered greenhouses.

It is suitable for stereoscopic cultivation, scientific research nursery, ecological restaurant, leisure tourism. The greenhouse has a beautiful appearance and a high grade; it has an all-steel frame structure, advanced design, strong wind and snow resistance and a service life of 25 years. The greenhouse has a large internal operating space, so it can be used for large area continuous building, which is suitable for factory and large-scale production. The level is high, and there is plenty of room to expand your options.


Polycarbonate hollow sheet greenhouse.

The main difference between polycarbonate hollow sheetl greenhouse and glass greenhouse is that the cost of covering material and skeleton is relatively low. It is also suitable for stereoscopic cultivation, scientific research nursery, ecological restaurant, leisure tourism and other greenhouse applications. The quality of polycarbonate hollow sheet is lighter and the safety is higher; the heat insulation effect of sun sheet is better; all-steel skeleton is better than glass greenhouse with rugged construction and long service life.



In these types of greenhouses, the light transmittance of the polycarbonate hollow sheet greenhouse can reach about 85%, the external UV coating can ensure that the light transmittance will not drop more than 10% in ten years, and the internal anti-dropping layer can effectively reduce the phenomenon of fogging and random dew drops, which has become the first choice of more and more growers.


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