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Winter is how to choose in different areas of the sunshine board type?

by:UNQ     2020-10-18
1369 polycarbonate sheet performance gradually perfect, it gradually replaced the traditional plastic film and is widely used in various fields, especially in winter, lower cost of sunshine board greenhouse flower producers is widely adopted. For materials of greenhouse with sunshine plate with good heat preservation, can get rid of the bad environment, resistance to wind and snow, good for plant growth and provide a good environment. Normally, the sunshine board insulation can use k value measure, under the condition of constant temperature, the smaller the k value, the material of heat resistance, that is, the better the performance of heat preservation. It is because the sunshine board USES a hollow structure, polycarbonate, K value and itself is very low, so it has very good heat preservation and heat insulation performance. A lot of material service life under harsh environment is very effective in winter, in contrast, the service life of the sunshine board longer. But the premise is to must guarantee the sunny sunshine board uv co-extrusion coating, but also is normal manufacturer sunshine board production quality product. Also, determine the thickness of the sunshine board, composite greenhouse around the actual situation, south of the Yangtze river region, 8 mm double hollow sun plate has been able to meet local vegetable greenhouse insulation requirements. And north China region, sunshine board can also use 8 mm, but have to be perfect in greenhouse heating facilities. In the northeast and northwest regions, under the condition of sufficient budget, use three or four layers of the structure of the sunshine board, add heat preservation facilities greenhouse heat preservation performance is good. But if also can use normal double sunshine board, heating equipment will only need to increase the energy consumption to keep temperature.
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