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Why use PC endurance board for high-speed public song sound insulation board?

by:UNQ     2021-04-06
In the process of urban construction, if the expressway is close to the residential area, apart from separating a certain distance, it is necessary to install sound insulation boards. In this process, the preferred material for most expressways is PC endurance board , Why is this? (1) Really prevent hitting. In fact, in the process of driving, the speed on the highway is usually 90 kilometers to 120 kilometers per hour. When the driving speed is extremely fast, if the tires of the car crush some small stones and take it up flying, The impact caused by the impact is very powerful, even if the car glass passes through such a moment, it may be damaged, and the use of PC endurance board will not be so dangerous, because the impact resistance of PC endurance board is 200 of ordinary glass. To 300 times. (2) Full sound insulation guarantee. Since PC endurance board is a kind of convenience project, it must achieve its due function. This is also the biggest reason why people use PC endurance board. The sound insulation effect it can achieve exceeds any other material, which is better than that on the market. The existing acrylic materials, glass or steel materials must be strong, and the sound insulation effect is particularly good. Residents within the living area can enjoy a quiet life to the maximum. In addition, the cost of PC endurance board is low, and replacement is less difficult, so it is very popular with municipal departments.
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