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Why is PC hollow board called sunshine board?

by:UNQ     2021-02-27
PC solar panels are also called PC hollow panels, because they are widely used in agricultural greenhouses and building lighting. If only considering the characteristics of light transmission, there are many materials on the market that can replace solar panels, such as greenhouse lighting film, glass, acrylic and Various synthetic transparent resin materials. But the only hollow PC sheets is also called the polycarbonate sheet. Why? This starts with the material structure of the sun board. PC material itself has high light transmittance. Compared with any other light transmitting materials, it is not inferior. The light transmittance is as high as 90%, which is the most basic feature. In addition, the PC material itself has the advantages of heat insulation, sound insulation, impact resistance, flame retardancy, toughness and cold bending, which make certain characteristics of the polycarbonate sheet stand out. In addition, according to the production method, it can be structurally formed into a hollow double-layer structure, a four-layer structure, a honeycomb structure, a rice-shaped structure and even more complex hollow structures. This structure is the main point of the high thermal insulation performance of the solar panel. The thermal insulation performance of the sun board has reached an unparalleled status. Therefore, the PC sheets with a hollow structure is called a solar panel. Since the new century, PC materials have developed into unique panels with various functions in the original simple basic applications, such as PC tile panels, tile hollow panels, U-shaped locking panels, etc., so that we can have reason to believe in the future Daylighting materials will be the era led by PC materials. At that time, sunlight panels may require us to redefine them.
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