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Why does the polycarbonate sheet leak?

by:UNQ     2021-03-22

  Polycarbonate board installation problems are mainly manifested in the unreasonable design, the construction personnel are not careful, and the construction and installation are not standardized. The unreasonable design is mainly manifested in such as the roof winding is too large or the slope is too slow, the water flow is slow, resulting in water accumulation, the downpipe diameter is not satisfied, the panel selection is not appropriate, the edge closing, and the gutter node design is unreasonable; in terms of construction and installation , Improper joint treatment, insufficient care in joints, inadequate waterproofing materials, inadequate closing glue, and careless installation of screws will cause cracks and leaks in the canopy.

  Polycarbonate board quality problems, the hidden danger of water leakage, such as the large thermal conductivity of the metal plate itself, when the external temperature changes greatly, due to the large change in the environmental temperature, The temperature change causes the material to shrink and deform and produce a large displacement at the interface, resulting in a hidden danger of water leakage. In the steel structure system, due to the fact that the structure itself is prone to elastic deformation under the action of external forces such as temperature changes, wind load, snow load, etc., displacement occurs at the connection part, which may cause water leakage. Polycarbonate board manufacturers choose high-quality, standardized construction and installation teams.

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