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Why does the flower market use endurance boards?

by:UNQ     2021-03-07
Why does the flower market use endurance boards? Maybe many friends who have been to flower markets will find that many flower markets like to use endurance boards. Why? (1) Really guarantee plant growth. In fact, flowers belong to the high-value crops we often say. Compared with general crops, their unit value content is higher, so people need to consider their growth habits. For example, some flowers and plants are in cold winter or hot. In summer, because the surrounding area is expected to wither, in order to ensure that one's job will not be crying to death with the change of temperature, it is a good decision to build a greenhouse with endurance boards. (2) A cheaper viewing room. And now many flower markets are ornamental, which means that you need to make consumers satisfied before they place an order. If it is the previous model of greenhouse covering film, nothing can be seen from the outside. Naturally, I don’t know if your flower floats are beautiful, but now after using the endurance board sun room, you can see from the outside how graceful the plants inside are, which can promote consumers’ desire to buy, and this construction method The price is not much higher than that of ordinary greenhouses, but the service life is at least three times higher.
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