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Why does flame-retardant pc board turn yellow?

by:UNQ     2021-03-23

The flame retardant will turn yellow and dark after using for a long time, which will affect the appearance and use effect of the endurance board.

The method of flame-retardant to solve the yellowing of endurance board. There is also the use of recycled materials when the endurance board is produced, which makes the board quickly aging. Choose a regular PC board manufacturer and use high-quality endurance boards made of imported raw materials, which can make the endurance board yellow and darken too early, and the warranty period can reach 10 several years. The performance of polycarbonate itself, as well as the long-term exposure to light, will cause the endurance board to yellow. When the endurance board is produced, the anti-ultraviolet component, that is, light stabilizer, is added to the raw material to alleviate the rapid aging of the endurance board.

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