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Why do people choose endurance boards as rain shelters?

by:UNQ     2021-03-08
If you have seen the rainproof shed in the community, most of you will find that everyone's unanimous choice is the endurance board. So what are the benefits of the endurance board as a rainproof shed? Can the endurance board be used in all rainproof sheds? (1) It is more convenient to replace. In fact, the rigidity of the endurance board itself is very strong. Compared with ordinary glass, it has reached more than 300 times the strength, and even compared to the hard acrylic board, it has reached 200% of the strength. That is to say, when something falls from a height, ordinary glass may be easily broken, but if the rainproof shed is used with endurance board, it is difficult to penetrate directly, and it will cause a small crack at most. The repair can be completed with a simple subsidy of glue or tape. (2) The overall shielding effect is better. The rain shed is also meant to exist as a place where the house is sunny. If you are exposed to the sun in summer, you must hope that your motor vehicle is in a cool environment. At this time, use dark endurance boards to build a parking shed. It was a good decision, and the construction cost of this kind of parking shed is low, and the difficulty of moving is small. Even if it is no longer used in the later period, it can be easily disassembled. In addition, the endurance board itself is a large plane, which is parallel to the wall. Standing does not take up space.
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