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Why do most of the PC sunshine board endurance board manufacturers make cheap low-quality boards instead of high-end ones?

by:UNQ     2021-02-25
Introduction: Through industry analysis, let’s talk about the quality of sunshine board endurance board. Many customers will ask our company and distributors why the price of polycarbonate sheet is so much higher than that of ordinary board, but there are still so many engineers who always choose to buy this brand. The owners and companies who have used it will also help introduce this brand, why some manufacturers are extremely Less insist on making high-end high-quality PC polycarbonate sheet? It stands to reason that the production technology of plastic panels is not that complicated. Since the solar panels can be made of high-end solar panels, other manufacturers can also do it! Here we briefly talk about the reasons: 1. endurance board is not a food, medicine or construction main material, and generally does not threaten personal safety or major property safety. This brings 'limited' to the sun board manufacturers and distributors. 'Risk' makes some manufacturers completely ignore quality and make quick money and only consider one of the reasons for immediate benefits. 2. Endurance board, sunshine board quality assessment, board quality assessment is a bit difficult for ordinary people to distinguish between good and bad by naked eyes. Even if the manufacturer really uses good materials to make the best products, it may not be able to convince customers to believe that it is good in a short time. For PC sheets, it may not be able to hold on with the protracted battle. After all, the endurance sheet of sunshine board is currently in a market where supply exceeds demand. 3. Endurance board is not a terminal product, it is equivalent to a semi-finished product, and needs to be installed. However, the most important thing to buy products is the installation team of the engineering company, not the party A’s own purchase. This is a key issue. When the engineer involves the project budget and his own profit, he often chooses cheaper plates. Even some installation teams of contractors only require that no quality problems occur before the project is settled. This is a fatal problem. Fourth, the second and third items above are also a headache for manufacturers. For long-term development considerations, our manufacturers also hope to improve product quality. It is a pity that products are not sold directly to end users and are restricted by intermediate links. . In order to gain an advantage in price competition in the market where they are located, many distributors specifically require manufacturers to order sunlight board endurance panels that are cheaper than their current competitors, and use their raw materials. 5. If a solar panel production equipment is a low-end manufacturer that does not add UV most of the time, if it occasionally produces high-end solar panels with UV, the start-up master will also have problems in technology and other factors.   At this point, perhaps everyone should understand why most manufacturers are reluctant to produce high-end boards. is an old brand that has always made high-end products with UV. Brand awareness and quality assurance have long been deeply rooted in users. As a manufacturer a brand is more trusted by customers, the manufacturer pays more attention to quality, after all, brand value is hard-won.  The brand quality of Endurance Board can be described as a mixture of fish and dragon in the current market. There is no accumulated integrity in this industry, and there is no consistent brand quality. It is indeed difficult to 'start' again. When buying sunshine board, you must choose a regular sunshine board manufacturer, insist on brand quality, and insist on the reputation of big manufacturers.
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