Why Choose the Polycarbonate Aluminum Alloy Carport?

Cars are important transportation in people’s lives while urban parking facilities have not yet met the demand. Building a carport has become an option for many car owners. The structure not only protects your vehicles and property, but the versatility carports provide makes them a great addition to any size front or backyard. Of course, many car owners are more concerned about the shape, material, design, etc.

In recent years, polycarbonate aluminum alloy car parking sheds that are used more often and continue to grow in popularity. Modern design and extremely durable car parking shade design are modulars structures that can be coupled together for single use or multiple car parking systems. They are eye-catching, elegant and have strong support framework.This article will help you learn about the polycarbonate car parking shed and you will have all information for that you need to know.

Advantage of Metal Polycarbonate Carport

Durable and Long Lifetime

The structure of the carport is made of aluminum alloy with relatively high strength, which has the ability to use for a long time. Rust-resistant powder-coated aluminum frame with 4 different standard colors plus galvanized steel connector. In addition, the different surface treatments greatly increase the lifespan of the carport and reduce the breakdown of UV rays. A durable aluminum carport protects your vehicles from elements such as heavy wind, rain, and falling debris.

Thermal Insulation and Dustproof

The roof is a polycarbonate solid sheet made of 100% Lexan raw material which can better reduce the high temperature, and better control the continuous rise of the car temperature in hot weather, and can also be used for the car itself. It can shield the industrial dust diffused in the air, and can play a better role in heat insulation and dust-prevention! UV-protected polycarbonate blocks 99% of harmful UV rays offering superior thermal insulation. Keep cool in hot summer.

Stylish Simplicity

Compared with the traditional carport, the one-to-one customized and well-designed carport has a modern design concept, reasonable structure, and different shapes, and the overall appearance is smooth and fashionable. The aluminum alloy frame and polycarbonate solid sheet roof are available in a variety of colors, making the car and roof a natural one, and providing you with a pleasurable entertainment experience. Car sheds are designed with different shapes for one car, two cars, or multiple cars.

Sound Insulation

In the aluminum alloy carport, the roofing adopts a polycarbonate solid sheet, which can play a better sound insulation effect. A solid polycarbonate roof ensures a silent environment. On snowy and rainy days, it is difficult to hear loud sounds even at close range, which reduces noise problems and improves the quality of life!

Parameter of Carport Kits

NameSizeCar shed Capacity
L-type Carport for One Car5.5m x 3m x 3m1 car
M-type Carport Garage Kits5.5m x 6m x 3.6m2 cars
Y-type Mental Car Shed5.5m x 6m x 2.5m2 cars
Extended DIY carport kits11m x 6m x 2.5m4 cars
Polycarbonate roof colorsClear, bronze, blue, light smoky, mid smoky, dark smoky
Aluminum alloy colorsGrey, coffee, white, champagne
Thickness of PC roof2mm-4mm solid polycarbonate sheets
Wind load120km/h
Snow load30cm – 40cm of snow thickness)
Fire resistanceB1
Bolts & ScrewsStainless Steel 316
ConnectorAluminum alloy

Where can we find such amazing product?

With rich experience, UNQ is one of the pioneers among car parking shed suppliers with design, manufacturer, installation and maintenance of car parking shades. We offer extensive range of high-quality polycarbonate car parking shades to our clients. In order to cater the variegated demands of our precious clients, car parking sheds come in all shapes, sizes and different designs.

Browse our website to see all kinds of polycarbonate outdoor applications enhancement solutions available to you. Then contact us now to enhance your yard with a high-quality aluminum alloy car parking sheds of your own.



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