Why Are Solid Polycarbonate Panels Used for Advertising Boxes?

When comes to advertising light diffuser boxes, we all don’t feel strange. They can be found everywhere, shopping malls, bus stop signs, subway. There are many kinds of light boxes, from traditional advertising light boxes to various special-shaped light-emitting material lightboxes. Now with the popularization of solid diffuser polycarbonate sheets, this kind of polycarbonate sheet with light transmittance comparable to glass, impact resistance, flame retardant, and non-breakable has become increasingly popular. The best choice for advertising light box panels.

Advantages of the solid light diffuser polycarbonate advertising boxes

  • The solid polycarbonate sheet is made of 100% Lexan polycarbonate resin, and the raw materials are synthetic environmentally friendly molecules, which can be recycled, so that polycarbonate sheets are environmentally friendly material.
  • The main feature of solid polycarbonate used in advertising light boxes is high light transmittance, and the product light transmittance is very high, as clear as glass.
  • The impact resistance of the solid polycarbonate sheets are 300 times that of ordinary glass, and the other polycarbonate sheet is very resistant, even if it is broken by strong external force, it will not hurt like glass.
  • The solid polycarbonate sheet has strong environmental adaptability and harsh weather resistance. It won’t deform -40℃-+120℃.
  • Its B1-level fireproof function can reduce the loss and damage of fire in the public environment.
  • The long service life of the solid polycarbonate sheets is the reason of the popularity of use of its advertising light boxes. The solid polycarbonate sheets can be used outdoors for more than 10 years, and the special ultraviolet protective layer can avoid yellowing due to aging, blocking 99% harmful rays. Fully guarantee its long-term high light transmittance.

Tempered Glass VS Solid Polycarbonate Sheets

Some friends have questions, why the light box panel does not use tempered glass? Because if the tempered glass is scratched, it is usually not easy to handle; if it is forcibly treated, such as grinding and polishing, it is likely to turn into a pile of broken glass. If it doesn’t work, you have to re-temper a piece of glass of the same size and install it. In addition, in public bus shelters, if the glass explodes or detonates artificially, it is likely to hurt people and endanger the waiting people, so it is better to choose solid polycarbonate sheets!

Thickness of Solid Light Diffuser Polycarbonate

The thickness of polycarbonate solid sheet used in most light box advertisements generally ranges from 1.5mm to 5mm, depending on the application. 1mm-18mm of solid polycarbonate sheets are available. Opal light diffuser sheets for advertising boxes are populare because it offers soft and full colors , resistant to high temperature and low temperature, waterproof and UV resistant.

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