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Why Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheet Is Popular For Conservatory?

Why Anti Fog Polycarbonate Sheet Is Popular For Conservatory?


Why anti-fogging polycarbonate is popular for conservatory?

The reason why polycarbonate agricultural anti-fogging polycarbonate sheets can be used in a large number of conservatory covering materials is that it has high-quality light transmission, aging resistance, impact resistance, light weight, easy processing, good heat preservation and other properties. It has better performance than any lighting material in the world at present-(anti-fogging effect), whether it is glass or film greenhouse, it is inferior.

  What is polycarbonate sheet with anti-fogging technology ?

Polycarbonate sheet with anti-fogging is useful for greenhouse.The temperature difference between indoor and outdoor will cause water vapor to condense on the walls and ceilings in the greenhouse, forming small fog droplets, reducing the light transmittance, due to further condensation, they will drip down and harm plants, use Plant green leaves turn yellow, anti-fog drop. In addition to all the excellent performance of ordinary twinwall polycarbonate , this polycarbonate can also prevent fog drop. The inclined surface (in the direction of the ribs of the plate) slides to the edge instead of directly dripping, so as to achieve the effect of anti-fog drop, reduce the crop diseases in the room, improve the light transmission performance, etc., all have significant advantages and are greatly welcomed by growers Therefore, it has become the first choice for the construction of new greenhouses and the replacement of light-transmitting covering materials for old greenhouses, and is widely used in greenhouse projects.

 How to distinguish the quality of anti-fogging polycarbonate?  

However, the quality of this agricultural anti-fogging polycarbonate is mixed, and the fish eyes are mixed, which increases the difficulty for users to identify the authenticity. The anti-fog does not have a grower and also causes huge joint economic losses, which triggers various legal proceedings. The number of cases is also increasing.

  How to distinguish the quality of anti-fogging polycarbonate? Choosing cost-effective products has become a problem that everyone must consider. At present, most of the friends in the greenhouse circle choose to introduce friends and some older brands. They would rather spend more money than buy a product that you can use with confidence. I also use this idea. Generally, I pay less attention to the effect of anti-fog drop. As long as it is an anti-fog drop polycarbonate sheet, ten-year quality assurance is enough, but what are the advantages of such big brands as GE? Why is it more expensive than domestic ones? It is because the anti-fog dripping boards produced by some small domestic factories are coated with silica gel and washing powder, and the effect is completely gone in about a year, including some PC board companies that are relatively influential in the greenhouse. The anti-fog dripping oil they imported is all added with distilled water, the ratio of 1:1, the effect can be imagined. And brands such as GE, Bayer, Jaspo and other brands use co-extrusion technology to squeeze into the surface of the sheet during production, and it has already formed an integral body with the sheet, and its effect will not be used for 10 years or more. There is a qualitative problem.


How to identify the anti-fog drop effect?

  How to identify the anti-fog drop effect? According to the agricultural industry standard of the Ministry of Agriculture of China, TSO8296-1987, GB/T14216-1993, plastic wetting tension test method: ASTMD5725-95, test method, this test is judged from surface tension and contact angle.

  The most intuitive and simple test method is the stop drop area judgment method, the beaker test method, and the fog drop time test method.

Now introduce the beaker test method, how to compare the anti-fog drop PC board, the anti-fog effect is good or bad, prepare 2 beakers, 2 anti-fog boards from different companies, fill the 2 beakers with 90% boiling water, and then The anti-fog drip board of different companies has the anti-fog side, put it on the beaker, pay attention to the change of the plate fog, the anti-fog effect of the product is good and bad, it is obvious, don't know, you can see the result. (Result: The smaller the condensation time and the coverage area, the better, or the shorter the time for the condensation droplets to fall, the better the anti-fog drop performance, the faster the sheet fogging time, the worse the anti-fog effect)

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