Which types of plastic roof is best?

When comes to plastic roof , polycarbonate roofing sheets, PVC roofing sheets and fireglass comes into you mind. They are has their unique pros and cons.Which types of plastic panels are most suitable for your projects? Find your answer in this article.

Polycarbonate roofing sheets

Polycarbonate sheets are extremely hard roof panels, 200 times stronger than glass, heavy hailstorm resistance. Compared with others, it is flexible, and easy to into different shapes. UV-protected polycarbonate sheets block up 99% of harmful rays. Lowest yellowing rate and never brittle. Polycarbonate sheets are popular for patio cover roofs, door awnings, and even bullet-proof.


outdoor pergola roof, industrial roof, warehouse daylight, glazing roof, Swimming pool encloseure, carport cover, door awning kits roof.


High light transmission, allowing sunlight into

UV protected blocking up 99% harmful rays

High impact resistance, snow load resistance

Lightweight, easy to install and assemble

Superior thermal insulation, provide shade in patio cover

Flame resistance.

Excellent durable, lasting 10 years

PVC roofing sheets

PVC is one of the most widely thermoplastic. It is naturally white and economical roofing sheets. PVC sheets can be blend with other materials. The rigid form of PVC is commonly in construction. PVC roofing sheets has outstanding tensile strength.


PVC sheets are the preferred choice for varied applications like construction of canopies, patios, food and pharmaceutical industries, hospitals, schools and industrial sheds.


Harsh weather resistance
Cost effective
Easy to install
Varity sizes and colorsGreat flexibility
Lightweight, saving the construction cost


Plexiglass, also known as acrylic, is transparent thermoplastic manufactured in sheets as a lightweight and shatter-resistance glasslike alternative. The light transmission is up to 90%. Special plexiglass can be faceted into the medical and dental industries because of its stability and purity. Most common plexiglass sheets are the best solution for construction roofs, and door awnings.however, the flame resistance of plexiglass is not good as polycarbonate. It is easy to deform and age.

Acrylic glass is popular for its high light fastness enhancing the high transparency and brilliance. And acrylic glass has high UV radiation resistance. However, plexiglass is heavier and harder than Polycarbonate. This results in a higher fracture sensitivity. In addition, plexiglass is much more sensitive to scratches than Polycarbonate.


Commercial industrial roof

Outdoor patio cover roof

Skylights and greenhouse cover


High impact resistance
High optical clarity
Innate weatherability and UV resistance
Excellent dimensional stability
Excellent chemical resistance



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