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Which one is stronger, PC board or acrylic board?

by:UNQ     2021-04-28
Which one is stronger, PC board or acrylic board? PC sheets and acrylic board have different raw materials and main uses, and the actual quality varies from person to person. Polycarbonate sheet is a kind of high-quality sheet made of polycarbonate as the main component and co-extrusion technology is used in the production and processing of acrylic sheet. Because its surface is covered with a layer of high-concentration ultraviolet light adsorbent, it can not only resist ultraviolet light, but also can maintain long-term aging resistance and never fade. 'Acrylic board' is a transliteration, and English is an acrylic board. It is a chemical material. The chemical name of PC sheets'polyhydroxymethyl acrylate' belongs to polyacrylate, and the alias is'unique solution organic glass'. In the application of industrial production, the raw materials of acrylic acid generally appear in the form of particles, plates and tubes. Acrylic, also known as the unique solution of plexiglass, is a substitute for plexiglass. Acrylic light boxes have the characteristics of good light transmittance, authentic colors, colorful colors, beautiful appearance and flatness, both day and night practical effects, long service life, and no harm to applications. In addition, acrylic plates, aluminum profiles, high-end ink printing, etc. Able to be fused, the polycarbonate board considers the requirements of the store. Blister luminous characters are an outdoor billboard method that improves the level of large shopping malls and unifies the corporate brand image.
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