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Whether the greenhouse hollow-polycarbonate-sheet will work, it all depends on whether there is anti-fog function!

Whether the greenhouse hollow-polycarbonate-sheet will work, it all depends on whether there is anti-fog function!

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Hollow-polycarbonate-sheet is a new type of building material that has gradually become popular in recent years. With its wide application in different fields of production and life, its advantages have become more and more well-known. Generally speaking, it has the following advantages:

Light weight and high impact resistance. Its weight is only 1/12 of the same thickness of glass, but it can withstand the test of bad weather, such as hail, snow and freezing.

Good light transmission and good heat insulation. Because of its high light transmittance and excellent heat insulation performance, it can effectively reduce building energy consumption regardless of heating in winter and temperature adjustment in summer.

Strong weather resistance. Its embrittlement temperature is -110℃, softening temperature is 150℃ and it has anti-aging function.

Strong plasticity. Because it can be cold-formed at room temperature, the installation is very simple and fast.

Double-layer hollow-polycarbonate-sheet

It is precisely because of so many advantages that in recent years, the hollow-polycarbonate-sheet has rapidly become popular in various industries, and it also has a good performance in the garden and agronomy industry. However, with the expansion of the application in the garden and agronomy industry, ordinary hollow-polycarbonate-sheet will inevitably have their shortcomings in some special or extremely demanding applications. That is the fog and the lighting problems caused by it.

The specific manifestation is that when the air containing more water contacts the surface of the object, if the surface temperature of the object is lower than the "dew point" of the air, the water in the air will form condensed water on the surface. Depending on the nature of the surface of the object, it may become misty tiny droplets, or it may be a smooth water film. With the continuous increase of condensate water, the small water droplets increase or the water film thickens. If proper measures are not taken, the condensate water will drip due to its own weight.

Four-layer hollow-polycarbonate-sheet

The condensed water formed by ordinary solar panels is mist-like tiny water droplets. When light passes through, the light transmittance of the panel will be reduced due to the scattering effect, which will affect the use effect. In response to this problem, the principle of the anti-fogging solar panel developed is to add several processes during production to add a special layer of protection to its inner surface, which changes the surface tension of the board, and the condensate formed is a layer of smooth water. Film, so as to ensure the transparency of the board. After correct installation, the water film can flow down the board surface and be led away by the drainage system.

Experimental data proves that when the outdoor temperature is 0°C, the indoor temperature is 23°C, and the indoor relative humidity reaches 40%, the inner surface of the glass will be fogged. Under the same temperature difference, the anti-fogging hollow-polycarbonate-sheet is used, the indoor relative humidity is less than 80%, and the inner surface of the material does not fog.

M-shaped hollow-polycarbonate-sheet

It is precisely because of the continuous promotion of anti-fogging hollow-polycarbonate-sheet, which are green, environmentally friendly and energy-saving new building materials that those originally difficult horticultural cultivation can be easily realized, thus laying the foundation for the development of garden agronomic technology.

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