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Where is the mystery of the sunshine board durable

by:UNQ     2020-11-01
1794 sunshine board around we use is very wide, but I want to know how long is the service life of the sunshine board, exactly how long need to replace new? this performance and a number of factors have relations, specific issues or to specific analysis. Appear on the market at present of board types have a lot of sunshine, as for the warranty time, many manufacturers have claimed the sunshine board has 10 years of quality assurance, but now can do real warranty are generally high quality of the board of a decade of plank, so when the choice must careful. And the service life of the polycarbonate sheet is not only related to the nature of the product, and later maintenance also has a lot to do. For example for the usage of sunshine board, regularly to cleaning products, for the extension of its service life is also very beneficial. , of course, this process has a lot of problems need to pay attention to, such as cleaning the sunshine board yes water temperature to control properly, carefully select detergent, cleaning tool also should pay attention to, and so on. Only seriously each link, this assure the mixer durable sunshine board.
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