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When you want to process PC boards, what should you pay attention to?

by:UNQ     2021-03-11

  When you want to process PC boards, what should you pay attention to?

   In recent years, with the rise of green buildings, the demand for green materials has also surged. As the 'darling' of ecological construction, PC panels are becoming more and more popular. PC sheets has high light transmittance, very light quality, high strength, and durable. Especially, the multi-layer UV protection PC sheets has more excellent thermal insulation performance, excellent cold-formed characteristics and ultra-low weight characteristics. Of course, the most commendable thing is the good processing performance of PC sheet, with plasticity and certain flexibility. It is not easy to break when cut off and installed, and it can be cold-bent. However, although PC sheets are easier to be processed into specified shapes, not paying attention to the processing details can also damage the sheets and even affect the overall project.

  cutting precautions

  The board must be fixed firmly to avoid rough edges or even cracked edges due to the vibration of the board.

  The program of all tools must be set to cut plastic materials and use fine-toothed blades.

  The protective film of the board should be kept on the surface of the board to prevent scratches on the surface of the board.

After the    board is cut, all cutting edges should be cleaned without burrs and nicks, and then use compressed air to blow away the plastic chips and dust.

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