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When sunlight plate sealing operation matters needing attention

by:UNQ     2020-10-03
92 follow modern people more and more high to the requirement of construction projects, a large number of new building materials also gradually spread all over, for example, my company, produces PC sunshine board, endurance board, because of its good and inexpensive, quality has always been favored by vast customers like it, but the sun is plate seal to how to deal with the more reasonable? Next let's specific interpretation about the polycarbonate sheet waterproof adhesive tape. Actually have tape of the sunshine board was originally, but the tape just posted for temporary maintenance plate marginal from the wear and tear, the tape aging resistance is not good, so the polycarbonate sheet, the device according to the scale and cutting plate after cutting with necessary engineering special adhesive tape seal perforated plate end, according to the requirement of the device code intact to replace the original tape. Because the device engineering special sealing tape should have very good weather resistance, use for a long time to also won't be lost on the sunshine board its caking property and mechanical strength. Device for sunshine board stick tape in the process of time, not just make sure plate marginal lubricating, and said that all blow hole should be clean, compressed air is necessary without any impurities, boring. Together to ensure the sunshine board device profile, metal plate, used by the end of the u-shaped slot was completely cover tape maintenance, installation is finished, shouldn't it be a part of the show. Then before device and then on the unit to see the tape have lost, must pay attention to: when the device is found damaged tape must be timely replacement. Point to emphasize here is a clean way to sunshine board, cleaning time is necessary to use under 60 ℃ warm water wash; And with neutral detergent, must not be allowed to use detergent for sun plate erosion, avoid sheet with formation damage. Request with a soft cloth or a sponge neutral solution quietly wipe sunshine board, and disable the coarse and brush, mop, and other solid and sharp things clean. When the surface grease, wet paint, tape, molecularly imprinted stationing alcohol to wipe the condition such as soft available; And it is necessary to use water to clean the dirt under the completely washed clean. engineering device, beautiful and easy, environmental protection, but enjoying the sunshine board bring lunch together, also want to pay attention to maintenance and to cherish, respect its material characteristics, so as to let the PC sheets to the use of more durable service life, better service to the customers.
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