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What effect does the reduction of the weight of the anti-fog polycarbonate panel have on the greenhouse? PC board greenhouses have developed rapidly in recent years. Compared with glass greenhouses, its light weight, less frame material consumption, low cost, low shading rate of structural parts, long service life, good production efficiency, and environmental regulation capabilities basically reach the same level as glass greenhouses. The quality of the polycarbonate panel will directly affect the overall quality of the greenhouse.
polycarbonate panels are produced according to the standard gram weight, but some manufacturers reduce the standard gram weight of the boards in order to reduce costs. The use of such reduced weight solar panels in greenhouse production will cause a lot of harm.

 1. The impact resistance becomes weaker: As the sheet customer does not meet the standard, the direct consequence is the reduction of the thickness of the upper and lower walls and the vertical ribs, which reduces the impact resistance of the solar panel.
For example, the standard upper wall thickness of the conventional double-layer anti-fogging polycarbonate panel is 400μm. Under normal conditions, the standard for impact resistance is that a 10 kg iron ball falls free for 2 meters without breaking. Standard 8mm double-layer and 10mm double-layer plates can resist the impact of general hail. However, if the 8mm double-layer upper surface board fails to meet the above-mentioned technical indicators, the wall thickness of the 8mm polycarbonate panel is generally about 300μm in weight reduction, resulting in hail breakdown. If the thickness of the upper and lower wall of the polycarbonate panel l with reduced weight meets the standard, the thickness of the vertical ribs will definitely be reduced, and the vertical ribs mainly play a supporting role. If the thickness of the vertical ribs does not meet the standard, the ability of the solar panel to resist snow load will be improved. decline.
Because of the excellent thermal insulation performance of the polycarboante panels, the snow is not easy to melt on it. In the case of high snow load, the polycarbonate panel with reduced weight will be overwhelmed and break.
2. Reduced thermal insulation coefficient: the board with a standard gram number that does not meet the standard will not be able to guarantee the accuracy of the experimental thermal insulation test data, and at the same time, the stability of the service life cannot be guaranteed. In thermal calculations, the basis for the heating system will not be calculated, and the basis for the input of heating equipment will be imaginary. This will greatly reduce the thermal insulation of the entire polycarboante greenhouse.

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