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What to prepare before installing PC polycarbonate

by:UNQ     2021-03-13

Before the PC polycarbonate is installed, the protective film at the two edges of the perforated grid is lifted about 80-100 mm, which is conducive to sealing with special tape: if the manufacturer uses temporary tape for sealing, it should be removed first After lowering, stick a special tape; stick a sealant tape along the edge of the plate to ensure that all holes at the joint are properly sealed. Such common tools include circular saws, hand saws and hand saws. Use clean and tidy compressed air to blow out the rice husk ash in the welding bolts. The blade of the circular saw needs to have a special serrated shape. When using hand saws and hand saws, they should be clamped on the workbench to prevent vibration. There should be no notches or plastic shavings on the edge of the board. For thick and thin PC endurance boards, you can immediately use a sharp knife to cut the fiber laser. Lift the protective film about 80-100 mm along the long side of the plate, which is conducive to the fixed edge of the plate and it is not easy to press the protective film when it is in the aluminum alloy profile system. Tear off the protective film under the board before substantially installing the board. Removing the protective film too early is likely to cause damage to the board in the production and construction projects. PC sheets processing can easily and accurately cut the board with standard production line tools.

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