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What to pay attention to when installing hardened PC board

by:UNQ     2021-04-01

  1. During the installation process of hardened PC board, do not fix both ends first and then fix the middle. You should fix one end first and work in the same direction, otherwise it will cause the middle stress concentration and cause the product to deform or crack.  2 The diameter of the nail head of the hardened PC sheets fixing nail should be more than 1.5 times larger than the diameter of the screw handle, and waterproof glue should be used. The nail head should not directly press the board surface to reduce the pressure.   3. The upper screws should not be too tight, otherwise stress may be induced and local cracks on the board surface may be caused.  4. Do not use PVC pads or asphalt-based waterproof adhesives for waterproofing; for sealants, neutral glass adhesives must be used, and acidic adhesives must not be used. 5. If you add a layer of PC/frp flat panel or color light watts under the corrugated board, metal strips must be added to the fixing place of the lower PC/frp board, otherwise the weight of the PC/frp board will cause the PC/frp board to sag and cause screws Cracks appeared on the surrounding PC/frp plate. 6. Because the linear expansion coefficient of PC/frp board is about 6 times larger than that of metal materials, it is necessary to drill holes on the board before fixing it with self-tapping screws, and the self-tapping screws must be in the middle of the aperture, otherwise due to When thermal expansion and cold contraction, the displacement and reserve are insufficient to cause cracks or shrinkage and deformation of the PC/frp board around the self-tapping screw. 7. Calculation of reserved expansion space; expansion valueu003dlinear expansion coefficient×length×maximum temperature change value PC/frp board linear expansion coefficientu003d7×10mm/mm/℃ For example: PC/frp board with length 1000mm, such as day and night If the temperature difference is 30℃, the reserved expansion space must be at least 2.1mm or more. For example, if Φ5mm self-tapping screws are used, the diameter of the hole in the PC corrugated board>2.1mm+5mmu003d7.1mm.

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