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What the difference between endurance plate with sunshine board?

by:UNQ     2020-11-10
9021, different material polycarbonate sheet is domestic for known as polycarbonate hollow sheet, is generally not used to refer to other hollow plate. Corresponding to its fellow products polycarbonate endurance plate, physical properties, endurance plate is a solid board, sunshine plate is hollow plate. Endurance plate is a high-performance engineering plastics polycarbonate or carbon - - - - - Acid ester. 2, characteristics of different endurance plate collision resistant, dozen don't break strength more than aggrandizement glass, acrylic board hundreds of times, tough security, anti-theft, bulletproof effectively. Arch, flexible, good workability, high plasticity, can according to the site actual need, bending arched, semicircle style, etc. Endurance plate width can do 3 meters wide, arbitrary length. high light transmittance can reach 89%, equivalent to that of glass Bi beauty. UV coating plate blasting bask in the sun won't produce yellowing, atomization, pervious to light, after ten years of transmission loss is only 10%.
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