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What should I do when installing the endurance board?

by:UNQ     2021-03-11
Endurance board has always been a very popular decoration material in the construction field. Compared with traditional boards, endurance board has shown greater advantages in terms of performance characteristics and application range, so it is so popular. Favor. In the actual use process, the endurance board not only shows strong impact resistance, but also has good flame retardancy. These alone greatly facilitate people's daily life and work. Of course, these functions are based on the correct installation of the endurance board. Sometimes the endurance board breaks, which is also caused by installation errors. In order to avoid this situation, when installing the endurance board, it must be processed with pilot holes before it can be better secured. Fix it firmly. Moreover, the hole diameter made on the endurance board must be larger than six to nine millimeters, so as to prevent possible thermal expansion and contraction in the future. When the endurance board and the steel plate are longitudinally overlapped, there must be a stack of about two hundred millimeters between the endurance board and the endurance board. Not only that, two water stop belts must be attached on this basis to prevent the endurance board from being There will be leakage during future use. When fixing the endurance board, don't forget to add a washer with excellent performance so that it is located between the screw and the endurance board, so as to function as a seal and dustproof. But it should be noted that after the flashing washer is inserted into the screw, an electric drill must be used to lock it into the purlin as much as possible, and to fix it thoroughly. In the process of installing the endurance board, a small non-slip template should be prevented in its lateral position, so that the installer's feet can step on it to play a certain fixed role, and this can prevent the endurance board from being deformed. , The phenomenon of cracking.
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