What Should Distributors Do before Choosing a Polycarbonate Manufacturer?

Solid polycarbonate and multi-wall polycarbonate are ideal materials for a wide range of construction and architectural applications. From roofs to skylights and conservatories, polycarbonate’s unique insulation and light transmission properties have made it a strong and durable material. Generally speaking, the quality of materials produced by different manufacturers is consistent. It is therefore essential to understand the differences between polycarbonate manufacturers so that you can choose the best partner for you and your customers’ needs.

Here are some ideas that distributors should do before choosing a polycarbonate roofing sheets manufacturer.

  • Test samples.

It is important to note that the quality of the sample is an indicator of the quality of the entire output of the product. Although the product quality is almost the same, you should never assume that all polycarbonate is the same. Reputable manufacturers will be very demanding to provide samples and are also willing to provide product quality testing and inspection reports.

  • Pay attention to the location of the supplier.

If you need a small quantity, then we would suggest you to buy locally. If you need bulk quantity, you need to ascertain the geographical location of the manufacturer and its proximity to the mode of transportation chosen for delivery. This will help dealers determine the estimated time of delivery and the cost of delivery.

  • Inquire about the delivery time.

Ask the manufacturer how to arrange the production plan. If your order is less than that of other customers, will it be the last production? So remember to find out how orders and shipping are handled before you shake hands.

  • Knows products in stock.

The more polycarbonate colors or constructions a manufacturer can stock, the more choices you can offer your customers and lead times can be dramatically reduced.

  • Ensure UV coating is included.

This is important as it prevents the polycarbonate roofing sheet from being damaged due to the sun’s rays. These terms may sometimes refer to materials that do not have a UV coating, and you may end up paying extra for something you thought was included.

  • Be concerned about the warranty.

The warranty period of different manufacturers will not be exactly the same. Typically, high-quality polycarbonate sheets come with a 10-15 year warranty. The longer the warranty, the better, but you should also check the conditions of the warranty carefully.

  • Get service, too.

Cuz-to-size service is one of the ways for you to increase sales value, so if the manufacturer provides customizable services, it can save your customers a lot of cost and time and facilitate transactions.

  • Product catalog and professional installation information are available.

A high-quality manufacturer is bound to have its own product catalog. Because this is a way for customers to quickly know them, and it also indirectly reflects the strength of the manufacturer. Likewise, professional product cleaning and installation guidelines are also important.


In conclusion, there are a number of considerations that distributors have to make before selecting an imported polycarbonate manufacturer. These include sample testing, confirming geographical location, inquiring about the delivery time, understanding product inventory, ensuring UV coating, paying attention to the warranty, and considering other services like customization. Taking all of these into account will ensure that dealers get the best quality of imported polycarbonate that they can.

In order to provide your customers with the best experience, you need a polycarbonate roofing sheet manufacturer who can not only provide high-quality products but also provide good, comprehensive services. To learn more about what UNQ has to offer, please visit https://unqpc.com/ or email us at sales@unqpc.com.



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