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What's the difference between two layer and multi-layer sunshine plate all have what advantage?

by:UNQ     2020-11-13
221 many clients will feel sunshine board layer is the more the better, actually otherwise, multilayer polycarbonate sheet compared with two layers of the sunshine board is each have advantages and disadvantages. Advantages of multilayer sunshine board: multi-layer sunshine board because board layer, in addition to the sunshine board common characteristics such as uv, prevent did, sound insulation effect, heat/cold, impact resistant effect is better, can carry greater power; The disadvantage of multilayer sunshine board: as the polycarbonate roofing sheets layer, it also has the obvious shortcomings, such as sun plate light transmittance is reduced, the main is how cost is high also, layer number and for polycarbonate sheet building radian, layer number of bending need greater force.
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