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What's the difference between the sunshine board of multilayer and double

by:UNQ     2020-11-07
215 sunshine board use is increasing, the industry is also more and more agile, many people participated in this industry, the industry is becoming more and more intense competition, the industry and the goods are in the market now is sunshine in a double plate. But recently presented multi-layered structure of solar panel on the market, many consumers are feeling better after using, the layers of the sunshine board and double sun plate exactly what are the differences? Originally the two sunshine board directly difference is the difference of strength; For such as we should be able to understand, 10 mm multi-layered structure of solar panel is 12 mm the general double the strength of the sunshine board. But if some engineering requirements using 12 mm average double polycarbonate sheet, so this time can choose 10 mm of multilayer polycarbonate sheet, original material is the same, but the quality must be better than double layers. So believe it will be widely used in the future.
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