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What's the application of Polycarbonate Solid Sheet?

What's the application of Polycarbonate Solid Sheet?


Polycarbonate Solid Sheet adopt 100% Lexan Raw material. PC Solid Sheet know as " Platice Steel". It is high Impact Resistance, 85% High transmission,durability. With such advantages, PC Solid Sheet are widely used in Greenhouse ,Bulideing Skylight,Highway Noise Barrier........


    PC Sheets are long life-span , usually 10 years. Because of the durability, PC Sheets are used for Greenhouse. UV Coating, reaching anti-yellow ,anti-aging. While the PC sheets are anti-fog which protect plants from waterdrop.

  2. Buliding Skylight

    PC Sheets has 85% high transmission, PC Sheet can be used for building roof lighting.

  3. Road Noise Barrier

    We often see Noise Barrier in highway. But do you know whats material are made of Noise Barrier? YES! The Polycarbonate Sheet is apply on Road Noise Barrier Because of its soundproofing features.

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