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What's so good about diffused PC boards

by:UNQ     2021-03-13

  What is the difference between the diffusion PC sheets and other products? The clear de-diffusion PC sheets and the advantage of the PC diffusion board are updated on the industrial processing. Optimal. The light transmittance of this product is 60%~85%. Ordinary PC milk white board is only 20%; through the diffusion effect of the diffuser, the entire surface of the board is formed into a uniform light-emitting surface without forming a dark area, and no residual image will be formed on the screen. , Make the picture more lifelike and achieve a crystal clear visual effect. The crystal points are small and the light transmission is high, and the milky white plate is translucent. The finish is high and the flatness is good. Super impact resistance: 250 times the strength of general glass plate, 150 times that of tempered glass, and 30 times higher than that of tempered glass. Therefore, it will not be broken in the event of various accidents. Better safeguard your wealth and life safety. The density of PC is 1.2 and the weight is only 1/2 of glass, so the weight is lighter, which is convenient for construction and reduces costs. This product is made of 100% imported UV-resistant new materials, which can not only prevent ultraviolet rays from damaging indoor products, but also effectively extend the service life of PC boards. The flame retardant grade is UL-94: V-0~V-2. It has excellent fire resistance and no toxic gas will be generated during combustion. This product can adapt to harsh weather conditions from -40°C to 120°C and still maintain its performance. And combustion will not occur.

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