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What needs to be paid attention to during PC board processing

by:UNQ     2021-03-16

  1. Scratches during transportation. Don't let the iron be used up and down during transportation, and the things in the sand will be blocked. This will definitely scratch. When configuring the raw materials, do not participate in any impurities that are not PC. The heating process pays attention to a temperature control. A good PC sheets must be well controlled during the heating process. This is also the most critical step in the production process. , And then in the transmission process, it is best to avoid hard impurities to scratch the sheet, and then the film is an important link. The temperature of the roller should also be grasped, too high temperature will cause the film to be pasted. It is not easy to remove, etc.

  2. Involving the secondary processing of PC boards: be sure to pay attention to scratches; including handling, cutting, punching, and engraving Scratches are both minor and critical issues. For example, if there is a scratch on a door panel that needs to be used, it will cause the entire door panel to be unsightly and fail to meet the expectations of customers. Therefore, we must pay attention to protection during the period from production to processing. So as not to scratch the board.

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