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What key is endurance plate can be used for lighting industry

by:UNQ     2020-11-23
2019 endurance plate is known as a plank, everyone know it in the lighting industry also have related applications, mainly used to make some lighting equipment. But to indicate that not all endurance plate can be used in the lighting industry, we should know how to distinguish. Here endurance plate can not be used for lighting industry, refers to some recycled products made of PC plastic particles are used as raw materials, because it can contain certain impurities inside material, when the second molding can appear the corresponding defects, such as endurance dotted substance on the surface of the plate, this will inevitably affect the endurance plate of transparency. The plank if using lighting equipment, will affect the normal use of equipment. Summarized according to the above analysis, the transparency of endurance plate is used in the lighting equipment of the first element to consider, in addition to this, and plate flatness and tailoring of plus or minus tolerance, carefully check.
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