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What is the X-ray testing and its application on endurance plate

by:UNQ     2020-11-21
1633 when it comes to nondestructive testing method, the first thought should be ray detection, it is in this area is the oldest method of using range is very wide, including the detection of endurance plate products. So, what is the X-ray testing, in terms of endurance plate is how to use it? So-called ray detection, is the use of x-rays, gamma and neutron rays, high-energy rays, all sorts of ray penetration of the material, such as occurred in the process of the rays penetrate materials and the attenuation law of engineering materials and its internal components found to various forms of macroscopic defects or determine the various material properties and the purpose of the physical quantity. Ray detection can for almost all endurance plate can be tested, it is to detect workpiece geometry and surface roughness are not too many restrictions. Not only that, this method can also directly to the deficiency of endurance plate image displayed, commonly used in the small mouth endurance plate butt weld in the detection of link.
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