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What is the sunshine board

by:UNQ     2020-10-06
103 sunshine board is mainly composed of PC/PP/PET/PMMA material production. is domestic for known as polycarbonate hollow sheet, is generally not used to refer to other hollow plate. Corresponding to its fellow products polycarbonate endurance plate, physical properties, endurance plate is a solid board, sunshine plate is hollow plate. Polycarbonate sheet ( Endurance plate and sunshine board) ) Once called lung kapoor board, is take the polycarbonate carbonate transliteration of the original English word polycarbonate. But carbonate means carbonate, the error is taken out of context introduce and popularize outside events are occurring. set lighting, heat preservation, sound insulation, can be the sun, rain can also heat preservation pervious to light, soundproof canopy can be used for greenhouses, furniture, office, outdoor advertising light boxes, and so on. Abroad and even appeared in addition to the support structure, pure polycarbonate material large transparent house daylighting, the sunlight, glittering and translucent connect fully, warm and pleasant. In greenhouse construction, there are all use sunshine board building greenhouse, greenhouse built gables use sunshine board, also has a gable wall and side wall application sunshine board building greenhouse; In terms of greenhouse effect, have to give priority to the production of greenhouse production, there are mainly flowers trading center trading greenhouse, and give priority to in order to research the greenhouse, sunshine board is a kind of widely used building materials, can also be used in the shading canopy and canopy. Fold the material characteristics, encounter the hail, snow and other natural disasters, poor ability to resist natural disasters, serious damage of the greenhouse itself, a lot of damage of crops in greenhouse and at the same time, the film will also cause the white pollution after use. Appeared in Europe in the 70 s of the double-layer and multi-layer sunshine board, as the fourth generation of sunlight greenhouse cover material plate. Has been widely applied in the construction of agricultural greenhouse. With its important characteristics is qualitative light, its weight is one over fifteen of the thickness of the glass; Super: impact strength is 16 times of glass; Energy saving: than glass covered greenhouse energy saving more than 40%; Durable: sunshine board light transmittance reduction of no more than 10% after 10 years of application; Cold and heat resistance: - Between 40 ℃ ~ 120 ℃, polycarbonate sheet does not produce deformation folding.
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