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What is the size of the pc board processing gap

by:UNQ     2021-03-10

   The size of the gap for processing depends on the size of the board and the range of temperature fluctuations during the preheating period. The drilling must leave a gap for expansion. Large plates even need to drill elliptical holes. The distance from the center of the hole to the edge of the plate must be at least 2 times the diameter of the hole, and the minimum screw fastening level is 6mm. The screw fastening level is limited to allow the PC plate to expand or contract freely under temperature stress. .

  PC board drilling will often encounter standard high-speed steel twist drills or drills with angled wedge drills during its application. Both can be used for PC board drilling. drilling. The form of the drill bit changes slightly when drilling relatively large holes and thin plates. Among them, carbide drills are better.

  The most important factor to consider in the processing of is the heat generated in the actual drilling. In order to drill a smooth and stress-free hole, when drilling a PC sheets. The amount of heat generated should be as low as possible. If the following specifications can be followed, it is easy to drill a smooth and stress-free hole. Drilling holes should be disposed of at any time to avoid overheated frictional heat due to debris accumulation; drill bits should be lifted from the hole frequently and cooled with compressed air; plates or products must be clamped to reduce vibration and ensure the accuracy of drilled dimensions The distance between the hole and the edge of the plate should not be less than 1~1.51 times the diameter of the hole; the hole must be larger than bolts, screws or other fixed parts in order to leave a margin for thermal expansion and contraction; for mass production, it is recommended to use carbide drill.

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