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What is the reason for the price difference of PC sunshine board?

by:UNQ     2021-03-11
There are many brands in the PC polycarbonate sheet market, and the price of sunshine boards also varies greatly. So why is there such a big difference in the prices of products that look exactly the same on the surface? In fact, the reasons for such differences in the prices of PC solar panels are nothing but the following: 1. The difference in raw materials; raw materials are divided into imported raw materials and domestically produced Raw materials, recycled materials. Non-recycled raw materials are also divided into genuine materials and secondary materials, whether they are sheet grade or injection molding grade. The recycled raw materials are divided into pure pc recycled raw materials and modified pc raw materials. The price difference of different raw materials ranges from 2,000 to 10,000 yuan. This also directly leads to the difference in the price of finished products.

2. The difference in thickness (specific gravity) is understandable. The more raw materials used for a thick board, the higher the cost. In order to reduce the price, many manufacturers are also making a fuss about this. Do not add or the added thickness is not enough. 3. Whether the anti-ultraviolet coating is added or not, what is the thickness of the coating; calculated according to the Beijing latitude, the annual loss of the uv coating under outdoor ultraviolet irradiation is 3~5um. The co-extruded anti-ultraviolet coating on the surface of the board for ten years should not be less than 60um. Fourth, the selection of mechanical equipment, domestic PC sunshine board production equipment is limited by the technical level and professional equipment experience, there are certain differences between the equipment manufactured and foreign countries. This is also another reason for the price difference of PC sheet products.

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