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What is the minimum bending endurance plate, do you know?

by:UNQ     2020-11-23
2515 in the practical application of endurance plate, be also carried out on the material cutting, bending, etc, in order to achieve the required size and shape of construction. Today will be the minimum curvature of endurance plate clear, at the same time in the extension of people's knowledge, can also help you better operation. Actually, endurance plate bending is rather than itself has the optical thickness, related test showed that endurance plate thickness of the board of the minimum bending radius should be one hundred and fifty times. At the same time, for different types of endurance plate, bending degree will change too. Such as particle board, grind arenaceous endurance plate, scratch resistance endurance plate, etc. , they have their own bending radius thickness of dozens of times, have a plenty of one hundred times, two hundred times still have a plenty of, is possible. It is because the endurance plate has special performance in bending, so it can be made into various endurance plate products, and in the corners of the industry.
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