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What is the effect of the size of the polycarbonate board particles

by:UNQ     2021-03-15

   The larger the ratio of the surface area to the volume, the size of the polycarbonate board particles has an important influence on the melting process of the pc endurance board. The smaller the particles. The higher the melting rate. Generally, the polycarbonate particles should not be less than 30 mesh, but the size of the polycarbonate should not be too small, because too fine particles are very easy to absorb moisture, agglomerate, and are difficult to dry, which increases process difficulties. Materials that are too fine will agglomerate when rolled in the mold, resulting in uneven heating of the particles, resulting in uneven wall thickness of the endurance plate or insufficient melting of plastic in the product.

  Powder particles of orderly size are in the heated mold. The experiment indicates that the particle size of the polycarbonate board added to the spin mold at one time should not be uniform or uniform. Due to the length and speed of the heat absorption and melting time of the coarse and fine powder, the molten plastic is gradually accumulated and gradually formed. The fine powder mixed in the coarse particles has the effect of reducing friction on the movement of the coarse particles, which is conducive to the rolling and flow of the material in the mold. At the same time, the presence of fine powder is also conducive to the refinement of the surface of the endurance board products, reducing the porosity of the cross-section of the product, and improving the quality of the product.

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