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What is the difference in the price of polycarbonate sheet

by:UNQ     2021-03-16

 Polycarbonate board has different prices for different uses.” Polycarbonate board lighting fixtures, container lamps, and because of its transparency. In the medical field: Here it can be used in equipment for artificial dialysis, and in some instruments, even for patients at home. The price of polycarbonate hollow board obviously depends on the panel or panel. The ultimate cost of exceptional refining is the thickness and size of the panel, and in each case, it is a very important technique, and so it is very appropriate. There are risks from being installed on glass, such as in public places, hospitals or airports, etc., etc. For the purpose of clarification, it is possible to say that honeycomb polycarbonate with a thickness of 6 mm has a thickness of about 17 euros per square meter, which becomes about sale if the slab becomes a thickness of 10 mm. The same thickness of the polycarbonate board can be changed to approximately three times the purchase price. The price of the sheet and board of the sun board is different from the number of 'walls' and 'outsides, which increase or decrease, impact resistance, weight, and load capacity.

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