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What is the difference between the manufacturing and bending of polycarbonate sheets

by:UNQ     2021-03-15

   Polycarbonate sheet manufacturing, forming, bending and other processes need to pay attention to polycarbonate sheet has now become one of the popular building materials, the commonly used methods of bending are hot bending and cold bending, of which hot bending Bending does not require high plate quality, but the effectiveness of bending needs to be improved; the thicker the cold bending, the more difficult it is, and the higher the quality requirements of the plate itself, but the higher the effectiveness. As a result, as I told you above, you should have a deeper understanding in order to use it more effectively.

The scope of application of polycarbonate sheet has been expanded to various areas. In actual use, it must go through the process of forming and bending. It can also be seen from this. Many advantages. Unlike the hollow board, which is not afraid of water, polycarbonate board is a material with high water absorption, so it must be dehumidified before molding; and its temperature must be strictly controlled, due to impact The characteristic of cracking is to avoid impact. The ability to form in this way has the best application function and plays a pivotal role in various places.

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