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What is the difference between plexiglass and glass?

by:UNQ     2021-03-22
In fact, many people can't distinguish between plexiglass and glass, but when they see the word 'plexiglass' when purchasing, they will think it is a kind of glass. However, there is a certain difference between plexiglass and glass in essence. Today I will take you to find out. Compared with the commonly used glass and ordinary plastic products on the market, the advantages of the new material plexiglass are very obvious. Because it has the advantages of good light transmittance, strong resistance, and good plasticity. Compared with ordinary plastic materials, the light transmittance of plexiglass is the best, especially the light transmittance of transparent plexiglass sheets even exceeds that of ordinary glass. Compared with the traditional material of glass, the advantages of plexiglass are more prominent, and the most obvious advantage is strong resistance.

It is also because of its strong resistance and resistance to breakage; another advantage of plexiglass compared to glass is its ease of processing, which can become soft and shaped when the temperature reaches 180°C. After the temperature is cooled to room temperature, it can be shaped. In addition, the density of plexiglass sheet is smaller than that of glass, so it will be much lighter than the same volume of glass.

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