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What is the cleaning method of polycarbonate board

by:UNQ     2021-03-19
The following three cleaning methods for polycarbonate board

   The dirt on the surface of the polycarbonate board is more difficult to clean. Clean water can not achieve a clean as new effect. You can choose to use some detergents. When choosing a detergent, you should choose Sexual detergents, acidic or alkaline chemical in nature will cause corrosion.

   The stains on the surface of the polycarbonate board are difficult to clean. You can use coarse cloth, brushes, mops and other cleaning tools to remove dirt and grime. If the surface of the PC sun board is grease, paint, etc., use a soft cloth dipped in alcohol to scrub, so that the cleaning effect of the PC sun board will be better.

  The dust on the surface of the polycarbonate board is not particularly thick. It can be cleaned off with clean water and no other detergents. Then, simply use clean water to clean it. But it should be noted that the warm water used should not exceed 60 degrees Celsius.

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