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What is the cause of the damage to the PC sun panel

by:UNQ     2021-04-28
What is the reason for the damage of the PC sun panel? The key considerations for the damage of the PC sun panel are the following aspects: The use of the PC sun panel is reduced, and a lot of it is caused by improper damage to human factors. Due to the uniqueness of the PC raw materials, storage and Pay special attention to some key points when shipping PC sun panels. Because of this kind of small mistakes that may not seem to be very eye-catching, it is likely to cause the life loss of your purchase, in order to apply the sun panels better and stronger. Many customers of PC sunshine board will process the board after they buy the PC sheets. However, the incorrect method or poor production and processing special tools are selected during the whole process of the board processing, which will cause the damage to the PC sheets. During the installation of the solar panel project, many construction teams damaged or tore off the protective film on the outer side of the solar panel before the installation was carried out, causing the surface of the solar panel to be damaged and scratched, and the solar panel was not wear-resistant until the installation proceeded. The protective film can be removed only afterwards. Many customers deposited it immediately after buying it back, and did not fully consider the surrounding natural environment. When boarding the board, you must first understand the surrounding natural environment, and avoid storing it in a particularly humid and cold natural environment. Moreover, the PC sheets is not corrosion-resistant, and it should not be stored with alkaline or corrosive chemicals. Because the PC sheets will chemically change with this compound and cause the surface of the board to corrode.
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