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What is the cause of the color deviation of the endurance board?

by:UNQ     2021-02-27
We all know that it is often simple. The endurance board and the sun board have many different colors. The common colors are transparent, green, blue, milky white, brown and so on. Customers who use it more will find that in fact, different manufacturers produce endurance boards of the same color also have a greater deviation. Take the milky white endurance board, some manufacturers produce a milder milky white board, and some manufacturers produce a darker or darker board or some other color. Many customers buy the same color endurance board and sunlight board, there is also a big difference, what is the reason for this? In fact, the different colors of endurance board and polycarbonate sheet are related to the use of masterbatch materials from different manufacturers. After production, there will be deviations in the color of boards of the same color. In addition, the technical level of the manufacturer determines the degree of chromatic aberration. The color deviation of the endurance board is more from small manufacturers, because the boards produced by these manufacturers rarely use new materials, and most of the recycled materials are sold through other recycled materials manufacturers, mixing too many raw materials. Manufacturer’s products, resulting in more and more deviations in the color of the plate. Moreover, these manufacturers do not have their own raw material formulas, which is also the main cause of color deviation. Therefore, the key to the color deviation of endurance boards is to choose a regular and reliable large endurance board manufacturer to ensure it.
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