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What is the cause of the blistering of the PC endurance board? How to prevent it?

by:UNQ     2021-04-28
What is the cause of the blistering of the PC sheets? How to prevent it? The impact compressive strength of PC durability board can reach 3kg/cm, the impact compression strength of PC durability board is 250-300 times that of ordinary glass, and 20-30 times that of acrylic board. It is tempered laminated glass. Twice, there is basically no risk of damage. There is no gap when it falls 2 meters directly below the 3Kg hammer head. It has the reputation of 'no glass slag' and 'ring steel'. The impact resistance of the PC sheets allows it to be cold formed or hot bent at room temperature. Cold drawing and bending processing can be carried out within 2.5 meters of the PC sheets, equipped with large and medium-sized CNC bending machines and oven equipment. The endurance board can be cold drawn on site according to the design drawings, and installed in the arc, semi-circular top and windows. The bending radius is 100 times the thickness of the plate. The bending process of PC sheets, also known as compression molding, is a processing technology in which PC endurance board is heated to a certain temperature and plastic deformation occurs after it is softened according to the thermoplastic characteristics of PC endurance board. The thermal deformation temperature of the PC endurance sheet is about 130°C (1.18MPa), and the glass transition temperature is about 150°C. The sheet material can be thermoformed above this temperature. The blistering of the sheet is generally due to two reasons: 1. If the heating time of the PC endurance board is too long/the temperature is too high, the sheet will bubble (the temperature is too high, the interior just begins to melt, and the outside vapor enters the interior of the sheet) . Generally, in the middle and late stages of production and processing, unlike sheet metal manufacturing, where the temperature and heating time are controlled by machines and equipment, it can only be distinguished by humans. Therefore, sheet metal bending generally needs to be performed by experienced technical professionals. 2. PC (polycarbonate) board itself will absorb moisture, (under standard atmospheric pressure, 23℃, the water absorption of 50% air humidity is 0.15%) Therefore, if the finished product is stored for a long time, it will usually Absorb the moisture in the air. If the moisture is not removed before forming, there will be a group of microporous plates with bubbles and mists in the product after forming, which will harm the appearance. In order to prevent abnormal phenomena caused by moisture, before heating and forming, the sheet should be pre-dried at a lower temperature for a period of time. Generally, moisture can be removed at a temperature setting of 110°C to 120°C, and the water removal temperature should not be higher than 130°C to prevent the sheet from becoming soft. The delay time for the removal of water depends on the moisture content of the board, the thickness of the board and the dry temperature used. If you don't pay attention to it during hot bending, it will easily cause blistering and whitening. How to prevent it? The bending radius is three times the thickness of the plate, and the total width of the heating area can be adjusted to obtain a different bending radius. For the production of high-precision or medium-sized products, it is proposed to use sheet metal bending equipment with temperature control panels on both sides. A simple shaped support frame can be made to cool the plate in the original place to reduce the deflection value. Partial heating will cause thermal stress in the product. In addition, attention should be paid to the application of chemicals for hot-bent plates. Under all circumstances, it is recommended to make a trial product first to facilitate the measurement of the feasibility analysis of the actual operation of sheet metal bending and the appropriate processing technology standard. The delay time for removing moisture lies in the moisture content of the sheet, the thickness of the sheet and the use of it. Dry temperature. The board that has undergone dewatering can be safely heated to 180~190℃, which can be easily deformed. PC endurance board sheet metal bending is an indispensable process in endurance board production and processing. As a manufacturing plant, it should be based on the actual regulations of the product and comprehensively consider which processing technology to use, and it is easy to control each Only when the key link of the problem is solved can we produce PC endurance board products with no blistering and standardized specifications!
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