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What is the advantage of Polycarbonate?

What is the advantage of Polycarbonate?

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Polycarbonate sheets take place of the glass and acrylic in different fields for their great own property. Compared to glass, they are more light-weighted, durable. Besides, PC(polycarbonate) sheets are breakage-resistant and crack-resistant, with 10 times more impact-resistant than traditional plastic.


At first, polycarbonate is only used in high-end restaurants, cafes, lounges, and offices. As time goes on, more and more people realize the great advantages of polycarbonate, not only easy installation and long lifespan, but also lowering the costs. Nowadays, polycarbonate is more affordable and brought into our daily life, such as swimming pool cover, balconies, patios, greenhouse, carports.


So do you know why polycarbonate sheets are so widely used today? The following property is listed.



Light weightiness is the property the polycarbonate has, so the sheets can be easily transported and installed. So the delivery cost and the labor cost can be reduced accordingly. So, the price is much more favorable.


Easy installation

You can install the polycarbonate sheets with the screws and rods and cut the polycarbonate sheets with sharp scissors regardless of any other tools and machinery. Fewer tools, less labor, and less time, finally result in easy installation.



Unlike glass, the special structure of the polycarbonate sheets leaves enough creativity for the designer. Domes, igloos, and any creative design can be added to the building.


High Impact resistance

Another property of polycarbonate is high impact resistance. High speeding objects attack the polycarbonate sheets, they wont break owing to their ability to hold up under a big impact.

In contrast to common plastics, the plastics can be easily broken and the person walking by. So thats why it is the priority for safety glasses.


Those are the features that lead polycarbonate widely used in areas in construction. Besides, the UNQ POLYCARBONATE SHEETS are also used in police security, automobile parts, advertising, and some other applications. Any question, quantity, types, colors, contact us UNQ polycarbonate sheets.






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