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What is required to meet the installation of endurance plate fixed basic construction conditions?

by:UNQ     2020-11-17
1832 although the endurance plate can be installed by a variety of different ways, but they all have one thing in common, that is the edge of endurance plate fastening. This is one of the very important assignments link, whatever the installation, should strictly abide by the standards of construction. In order to ensure that endurance plate installation accuracy and robustness of the connection plate and framed with slot should be set aside a certain space effectively, thus preventing plate expansion due to high temperature, the influence of the load and displacement. Specific reserved workpiece according to the calculated temperature, normally every time temperature heating 1 ℃, 1 m * 1 m endurance plate along the length direction in turn expansion of 0. 075 mm. So the construction personnel should be according to the project area to distinguish the four seasons temperature difference, and then calculate the gap. In addition, the installation process will endurance plate is divided into the architectural space, be sure to contain at least one arrow, or the endurance plate edge part by meshing area should be minimal in 20 mm. If the construction conditions are consistent, endurance plate installation effect is basic it is no problem.
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